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Jessica Nissen: Inspire Communications Intern

By Rian Rasubala | June 14, 2019

We’d like to welcome Jessica Nissen to our team! Jessica is a student at Biola University studying public relations and will be our communications intern for the summer. Read this Q&A to get to know her! What is your background? First of all, I was born and raised here in Salem, Oregon! My mom homeschooled…

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Equipping Salem’s Leaders for the Future

By Rian Rasubala | October 26, 2018

Salem is growing. More and more people are moving to Salem, new buildings are being constructed and businesses are expanding. As Salem continues to grow, it will take well-informed and competent leaders to manage that growth and lead Salem in the right direction, which is exactly why businesses, nonprofits and schools are looking to the…

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