Resources for Leadership

Leadership Youth Class of 2020

  By the Numbers: 37 Students 21 Juniors / 16 Sophomores 8 Schools Represented David A., Junior, McNary High School Jessica A., Sophomore, North Salem High School Angelo A., Junior, South Salem High School Hales B., Junior, North Salem High School Yolani C., Sophomore, McNary High School Ox C., Junior, North Salem High School Daisy C., Junior, Salem Academy…

Leadership Salem Class of 2019

Gerry Adcock Lieutenant Marion County Sheriff’s Office Kendra Alexander Director of Food Resourcing & Warehouse Operations Marion-Polk Food Share Tara Bebieff Administrative Manager Summit Wealth Management Mike Bennett Lieutenant Salem Police Department Jennifer Bush Director of Marketing Communication Willamette University Consuelo Christianson Business Relations Manager MV Advancements Tony Collins Operations Manager Willamette Valley Communications Center Jeremy…

Leadership Salem

Develop Leadership Skills and Create Lasting Bonds Expose highly motivated and interested people to the community and its issues for the purpose of preparing them to serve in volunteer leadership positions. This one-year program allows individuals to develop and refine leadership skills, and create lasting bonds with other up and coming leaders. Participants meet once…

Leadership Youth

Leadership Youth positively inspires, motivates, and encourages youth to take command of their future and that of their community. During the first year, youth receive a comprehensive overview of the Salem-Keizer area. 40 students have a unique opportunity to meet face to face with community leaders and decision makers, and receive an introduction to community…

The Inspire Foundation Mission

To develop the leadership potential of Salem area students and residents through business focused educational programs and events.

Inspire Foundation Newsletter

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